Born and raised in Argentina, Juan Battini (24) immigrated with his parents to Los Angeles in 2001. His parents left Argentina with hopes of economic prosperity and greater educational opportunities for their only child. 

Battini’s family settled in Los Angeles and at the suggestion of a relative, Juan enrolled in Foshay Learning Center. The eight years Juan would spend at Foshay would direct the trajectory of his life.  Looking back on his Foshay experience, Juan credits two influential figures for giving him the support and knowledge necessary for his success; a guidance counselor (Mr. Sippo) and his computer science-technology academy teacher (Ms. Leslie Aaronson).

Despite having been formally educated in Argentina as an architect, his father worked as security guard in order to provide for his family. A traumatic workplace injury left Juan’s father in a wheelchair requiring physical therapy. However, just as he began the process of recovery, a tragedy beset the Battini family. In 2009, his father was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  Within months of his high school graduation, Juan’s father passed away. 

His father always reminded Juan to “stay in school and keep going” as it was the primary motive that drew the Battini family to the US.   

And keep going he did. Remarkably in his late teens, Juan worked tremendously hard to provide for himself and for his mother.  After graduation Juan attended community college and worked nights, full-time, in security. Knowing that he wanted more and still motivated by his passion for technology, Juan completed his general education coursework and transferred to CSULA. Meanwhile, Juan kept connected to his instructor at Foshay through an alumni network and was soon after introduced to Managed Career Solutions (MCS). After enrolling in OpenTech LA, Juan received an opportunity to participate in the City of LA’s Hire LA Youth Summer Program, followed by specialized on the job training at Elkay Plastics, an LA-based smart manufacturing firm with a deep regard for fostering talent.

Juan currently works full-time as a skilled help desk computer technician with an hourly wage of $14.00. His boss Nish is grateful to have his talent, motivation, and loyalty, and recently finalized an agreement with OpenTech LA to implement a CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) Apprenticeship for Juan and another young colleague. In close cooperation with the Apprenticeship Training Committee and educational partners New Horizons and CSULA, the Apprenticeship will roll out in the second quarter of 2016.

In 2014, Juan married his long-time girlfriend and is on the path to recognizing the dream his parents had for him nearly fifteen years ago: greater economic prosperity and advanced educational opportunities.