I Might Want to Hire

We work with a wide range of companies, from tech startups to multinational corporations. To qualify for the program, you must have open positions in California with a minimum salary of $13.25 per hour. At this time, nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive training funds for current employees.

We prefer dynamic, data-driven companies that value clearly-defined performance metrics, with available positions emphasizing real-world, on-the-job learning.

Your primary responsibility is to tell us your human capital needs. We work with recruiters, partners, and other agencies to deliver these needs with minimum hassle to you and your organization. Our partnership agreement is online, and includes only basic federally-mandated assurances (no discrimination hiring practices, for example).
Company partners should have buy-in from both HR and the IT Management Team. For new hires, we will work with both departments to develop a pipeline of qualified candidates based on your requirements. Please note, you are not required to interview or hire OpenTech LA candidates, participation is entirely at will.
  1. Upon hiring a participant, we request a New Hire Form stating the candidate’s name, position, and hire date. Just these three facts.
  2. For completed training programs, we request a Training Completion Form stating the participant’s name, training program, modalities, and dates. If available, we request a copy of the curriculum as delivered. Based on your needs, we will provide the form ready for your sign-off.
  3. The most complex programs are those that utilize on-the-job training. For these, we require signed time sheets and a copy of the participant’s latest pay stub to disburse training funds to you. In addition, we request an OJL Training Form stating the participant’s name, training modules, dates, and a performance evaluation from the participant’s supervisor.
  4. At the completion of the process, all companies will be provided a short survey to determine the impact of your participation in OpenTech LA. Our performance metrics are based on the extent to which we streamline your hiring and training processes, increase your competitiveness, and decrease your HR and operating costs. The survey will include no more than six questions available online.

Is There An Extra Workload?

No. OpenTech LA serves as your point of contact for all program requirements.
Besides the initial agreement furnished directly to us, there’s no contact between you and any government entity.
You select the subject and modality of the training, customized to your specific needs. We work with industry association partners to validate curricula and ensure training programs meet industry requirements.
Depending on the training modality, you may choose your preferred training provider. Federal funding requires that the provider be enrolled in the list of approved training providers.
OpenTech LA offers customized packages with funding allocations from a variety of public programs. These include federal, state, and local sources. Below is a summary and description of current programs.
Federal Training Funds (DOL): For new hires. Training must be pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship. Training rate determined on case-by-case basis.
Federal Training Funds (WIOA): For new hires. Training may be classroom-based and/or on-the-job. Classroom-based training up to $7,500 or as approved by local workforce investment board; on-the-job training up to 75% of participant wages during training period. Only previously unemployed new hires qualify for funding. Supportive services available for eligible participants.
Federal Training Funds (WIOA Youth): For new hires, ages 18-24. Training may be classroom-based and/or on-the-job. Classroom-based training up to $7,500 or as approved by local workforce investment board; on-the-job training up to 75% of participant wages during training period. Only previously unemployed new hires qualify for funding. Supportive services available for eligible participants.
State Training Funds (ETP): For current employees and new hires. Training may be classroom-based and/or on-the-job. Training cannot exceed 200 hours. Training rate determined on case-by-case basis.
State Training Funds (VEAP): For new hires, Veterans only. Training may be classroom-based and/or on-the-job. Training rate determined on case-by-case basis.
No. Based on your needs, we will develop a funding package that maximizes your benefits, drawing from the various sources above. All you do is receive the funds and/or in-kind.
This is not a union program, or related to the traditional trades.
Non-traditional apprenticeships are much like paid internships: they focus on real-world experience and on-the-job learning to bring our companies the most skilled talent possible. OpenTech LA seeks to open doors to a diverse talent pool by combining training with paid experience. We target women and individuals of color who might otherwise not have had the means or networks to enter the field, aligning the labor pool to current industry needs.
However, unlike with paid internships, an apprentice is your employee during and after the training period. OpenTech LA provides assistance to offset training costs so that you may develop the specific skills necessary to maximize your competitiveness. At the end of the training period, the apprentice will be fully qualified to perform the duties entailed by the position to the most rigorous standards, bringing exponential value to your company.
To ensure a solid fit with the target position, department, and your company culture, OpenTech LA provides participants with training opportunities that include boot camps, accelerated training modules, preparation for certification exams, and unpaid internships. These are usually called pre-apprenticeships. When possible, we develop pre-apprenticeships directly related to your company’s workflows, responding to real-world mandates either in a studio practicum or directly under contract to your company. Selected pre-apprenticeship positions are hosted by Talent Incubators.
Each Talent Incubator is a for-­profit social enterprise that combines an earned income model with embedded training modules, providing participants with a customized earn-­and-­learn program targeted for specific occupations. You may structure your collaboration with Talent Incubators in a variety of ways: by outsourcing contract projects to the Talent Incubator at competitive rates, by assisting in the development of customized curricula tied to positions at your organization, or by volunteering as a mentor to pre-apprentices currently at the Talent Incubator.
Working with Talent Incubators, your risk is minimized by drastically reducing your recruitment pool to only viable candidates, and allowing you the opportunity to work with potential hires on projects directly relevant to your company. Collaborating with a Talent Incubator will ensure a solid fit between your company and the selected apprentice, ultimately lowering your hiring and basic ­training costs while increasing employee commitment and retention.
Talent Incubators also work directly with private clients providing a variety of services, including full-stack development, software and app development, CRM development, and social media marketing.
No. We offer a full range of workforce development programs.
We currently work with the following positions:
  • IT Help Desk*
  • App Developer (Android and iOS Platforms)
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Front-End Developer (Drupal)*
  • Software Developer
  • Cybersecurity Systems Administrator**
  • CRM Administrator (Salesforce Platform)
  • Data Scientist*
  • Quality Control Technician (Food Manufacturing)
  • Microbiology Quality Control Technician
  • Regulatory Affairs Compliance Technician*
  • Data Coordinator*
  • Clinical Trial Associate*
* In development.
** In planning phase.
The Department of Labor is seeking ways to ensure that US company remains viable and competitive, with access to the best-trained labor force in the world. By using workforce development public allocations, these programs help US companies and US job seekers thrive together.
The goal is simple: if US firms become more competitive, then our economy benefits, which in turn makes our citizens benefit. That’s the whole point. There are no strings attached, no fine print. We all want you to succeed, and we’re here to help in your success.