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OpenTech is a new solution to systematically source qualified employees to grow your business. We are private sector specialists in the area of workforce development. By cultivating durable connections to industry we are able to benefit our employment partners, the candidates themselves and the larger economic picture for our region.


Our process is as follows: we learn about your ongoing staffing goals, then prepare custom training programs with our Education Partners to match your standards. Our programs are free to you and to the candidate. We select and promote promising candidates using a rigorous system of evaluation, following the candidate to ensure that we have succeeded in sourcing the right individuals to meet your organization’s culture and performance criteria. We strive to be the most efficient, effective, and impactful partners in helping you grow your company, all with the best and most diverse talent available.


Our candidates are geared for roles as Content Creators, Software Developers, Project Managers and Experience Designers. We are able to ensure our graduates have the right mix of conceptual training and applied skills by developing custom coursework with our educational partners, which include General Assembly and Sabio LA. These progressive work-ready programs focus on developing applicable skills and a learning mindset, preparing our graduates for lasting success as professionals in industry.


Grant Director: Giovanna Garnett



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